The Public Municipal Library of Vejer de la Frontera is located in the House Palace of the Marquis of Tamarón, a building built by Mr. Juan Bartolomé del Santísimo Ahumada, viscount of Torres Luzón in the second half of the 18th Century. This building has a prominent façade of neoclassic style. The library occupies the mezzanine completely, a space in which the area of services was in its origin and that it currently has on the left a container room of the child and youth stock as well as he deposit of audiovisuals and multimedia and on the right, there is a reception, the checkout room and the section of reference, press room and daily publications, local fund and diverse points of public access to the Internet and office IT.

On the first floor, it has an area destined in its origin to the main rooms of the house and an assembly hall where there was the chapel of the palace. All the installations were subject of a profound restoration at the beginning of the 90’s. It currently has a specific protection.

The Public Municipal Library of Vejer de la Frontera is an entity of public character which has the goal to satisfy the necessities of reading and information of the citizens of Vejer and its region, to promote reading, to safeguard its bibliographical heritage, to ease research and to be a center of access to the new technologies of information.

The Public Municipal Library of Vejer is a library with municipal ownership, managed by the City Council of Vejer.

Norms of use of the Library:

The users of the Public Municipal Library of Vejer de la Frontera must respect the following rules:

• All the mobile phones must be off in the interior of the Library.
• We recommend watching out for your personal belongings as the Library does not take responsibility for stolen goods or losses.
• Documents must be treated carefully and not to damage them with objects that can break them (scissors, blades, ink, sticky tape, etc).
• The audiovisual and computer devices must be used with precaution and do not use them for any other purpose.
• Once you’ve consulted all the documents, do not put them in their places. Put them in the trolley or on the table.

Location and schedules

The library is located in:
Calle Marqués de Tamarón, nº 10 Casa de la Cultura
11150 Vejer de la Frontera, Cádiz
Telf. 956 45 16 46- Fax  956 45 11 49- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Opening Hours:
Winter Schedule: From Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 13:30 and from 17:00 to 20:00h.
Summer Schedule: From Monday to Friday from 10:30 to 14:00h.
Saturdays closed.

The user card of the library, which is valid for the rest of integrated libraries in the Public Library Net of Andalucía, allows to access to the different services of the library.


The checkout service eis regulated by the Ordinance of the 24th September of 2001, by which it is regulated the access, services and lending service of the libraries of the Net of Public Reading of Andalucía (BOJA number 129, of the 8th November of 2001), modified by the Ordinance the 30th July of 2007 (BOJA number. 170, the 29th August of 2007).

Personal checkout
They are subject of lending all the materials that are included in the stock of the library, with the following exceptions:

• Works of consultation and reference
• Stock of special reserve
• Press and daily publications

The user can take off the library a maximum of 6 documents: 3 books and 3 audiovisual materials (dvd, sound recordings or electronic resources). The lending period of books is for 15 days, just one more time renewable for 10 days more, only if they are not reserved. The audiovisual materials can be taken off the library for 7 days with no renewable option. The renewals can be made in the library itself or by telephone or the Internet.

In order to use this service, it is a must to have the user card. The Ordinance of the 29th December of 2009 established the requirements to get the user card of the Public Library Net of Andalucía (BOJA number. 17, the 27th January of 2009).

The delay of the return period of the documents will lead to the provisional suspension of the user card for the same period of the delay. The non return or the refusal to replace the lost or damaged materials will lead to the cancellation of the user card until the replacement or return of the documents, without prejudice to the adoption of legal measures of the title holder of the library.

Interlibrary checkout

This service allows the new users to access to the documents which aren’t part of our library stock but in other libraries. It is limited to books and reproductions of part of written documents, like magazines articles.

These materials are excluded of this type of checkout:

• Audiovisual materials.
• Works of consultation and reference.
• Stock of the local section.
• Press and daily publications.

The checkout period is one month, renewable for another month if the renewal is applied for within the first month. The material subject of  interlibrary checkout can be consulted just in the dependences of the applicant library, from which you cannot get out of under no circumstances.

Collective checkout

The institutions, entities and associations that desire it, can be beneficiaries of the collective checkout in order to attend the necessities of reading or information of its staff or users. For this, they have to sign an agreement with the lending library in which they will specify the checkout conditions by the beneficiary library.

The maximum duration of the collective checkout will be of 6 months, renewable with prior petition to the lending entity. The entity can take a maximum of 50 documents. The composition of the set will be established in a common agreement between the library and the responsible keeper entity, according to the availability of the library and of the needs of the users of the entity.

The beneficiaries of the collective checkout must take and return in the established period of time the materials they took. The institution, entity or association has to assign a responsible person to safeguard and spread the stock among the users. The taken materials must be returned in the same state and if the case, to replace the loss or damages may caused.

Local stock

The Local Stock is located in a consultation room of adults and it is formed by the following materials:

• Printed documents (books, magazines, leaflets, etc) and audiovisuals (sound recordings, electronic resources, etc) whose theme is related to Vejer and its region.
• Works shoes authors are from Vejer or related to Vejer and its region.

If you want information about the works of local themes, you can:

• Go to the person responsible.
• To send an email to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Public access to the Internet

The Public Municipal Library of Vejer de la Fronter offers free access to the Internet to those users who desire it, with information, study or research purposes.

The library has got a computer equipped with Internet Explorer and three computers equipped with Mozzilla Firefox spread in the following way:

Norms of use:

• This service is destines to all the users.
• The computers of consultation of 1 hour just can be used once a day. To access to these computers you need to have the user card of the Public Library Net of Andalucía, which must be handed to the responsible in the room to start the consultation.
• The users must apply for the computer assignation in the desk.
• The sessions are individual and cannot take part two or more people per computer.
• The user can record with removable devices, provided by themselves.
• It is not allowed the use of computers for the activities that infringe the law in force.
• It is not allowed the access to pornographic, xenophobe, or violent websites. The access to these websites will lead the abandonment of the position immediately.
• The library does not take on responsibility the information the users consult, being these last ones the only responsible ones of the bad use of the service.
• The library staff has the right to finish the sessions at any moment.


The Library also has got signal coverage (WI-FI) in all the rooms. Through the use of this net, the user can surf on the Internet freely, free of charge, with their laptops. In order to use this service, you must to respect the specific use of every room of the Library.