Government Team

José Ortiz Galván
Tourism, Agriculture and Cattle Industry Delegate

Daniel Sánchez Román
1st Deputy Mayor
Presidency, Communication, Institutional Relations, Economy, Urban Planning and Employment Development Delegate.
Industry and Energy. Santa Lucía special Delegate.

Francisca Sánchez Galván
2nd Deputy Mayor. Personal, Administration and Treasury, Culture and Patrimony Delegate.

Francisco Manuel Flor Lara
3rd Deputy Mayor. Festivities, Sports, Transport, Beaches, Traffic and Civic Security, Civic Protection and Youth Delegate.

José Manuel Camacho
4th Deputy Mayor. Social Affairs, Family, Disability, and Housing Delegate. Special Delegate of Naveros, Cañada del Taraje.

Juana María Lacalle Galindo
5th Deputy Mayor. Urbanism, Housing and Water Delegate.

Carmen María Muñoz Peregrino
Equality Policies, the Elderly, Childhood and Attention to the citizen Delegate.

Gema Mena García
Education, Parks and Gardens, Environment and Trade Delegate.

Manuel Basallote Esparragosa
Urban Maintenance Service, Public Works, Public Lighthing, Road Cleaning and Waste Collection Delegate.

Francisca Molina Melero
Rural Cores, Civic Participation, Attention to the Citizenship, Health and Cosume and New Technologies Delegate. Special Delegate of El Palmar, Cañada Ancha, La Muela, La Torre, Los Parralejos, El Soto, San Ambrosio, Paternilla, Manzanete, La Oliva, La Barca, Varelo, El Cañal, Librerios, Cantarranas and Nájara.